Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Singapore National Day Craft 2017 for Preschoolers

We are celebrating Singapore's 52nd National Day tomorrow. I came up with a few crafts for my kids to celebrate Singapore's birthday in Vietnam over the years which I thought I'd share here. Do feel free to use them for your kids. Please note that I have made the samples a bit more colourful by using a colour printer. Your kids will probably be colouring them. All templates are based on printing on A4-size paper.

This is our celebrity dragon from our favourite childhood playground in Singapore.

I used straws here. The strips are A4-size long and 5cm wide. For K1.

Using ice cream sticks

The SG Dragon Template

And this is our beloved Singapore's Merlion.

For K2

The Merlion Template

And who can forget our adorable Singa the Lion?

Singa Mask for Nursery Class

Singa Mask Template
And for the little kids in Pre-Nursery, a paper plate SG flag craft with some help from teachers.

Small 15.8cm paper plate

And for SG51, this was what we did. First, a little inspiration from RWS.

RWS Merlion Template

Then we had a delicious Paper Plate dish of chilli crab.

Chilli Crab Template for 23cm plate

Paper Plate Template if you can't find one

More chillies if you need

For 18.5cm plate - the claws and eyes are smaller

And a Singa the Lion Paper Bag Mascot

And for SG50, inspiration from the RWS Merlion again.

And from the Dragon Playground, a spiraling dragon. Apologies. Can't find the photos for this.

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